Can a festival be Christian? Unclear. But a person can be, and that means that God’s love has taken a person by the hand and saved him or her out of their own crooked life to a life of communion with God and other believers. It’s a goodbye kiss to the stomachache of individualism, it’s solid ground underfoot. It is close. It is here. It is now. It is God’s unstoppable kingdom that finds a thousand ways to take over us and our time. Bit for bit. Sometimes it happens through music, in the meeting with God and people, in the richness of reaching out to people in need. Kristfest wants to be a place for this and much more.

Kristfest is a festival. It is a Christian festival, because it is a place where God’s will with us will hopefully become more visible. Because that’s what happens when God’s presence touches ours. Clearer colors, most things get a wider perspective, most things get a taste of something tastier. The blackness may remain, the pain too, but in the cracks another light. God’s light.

A light that is hope in a time of hopelessness. Peace, in the midst of a time of strife. Love, in a time of harsh tone. Grace, undeserved kindness and forgiveness in a time where not many calculated ones are given a second chance.

Where shame and brokenness cause many to withdraw, shut down and close down, there Kristfest wants to be a festival with fresh air. Where there is room to just be, let the music make tired feet dance again. Where laughter and tears down the cheeks fit side by side.

In short, the Kristfest Festival is 13 hours of concerts, good Christian atmosphere and good food.

Welcome to Kristfest!

Bands attented at Kristfest

Cochren&Cous / Lisa Børudno / Garnessno / Lynda Randleus / Hans Inge Fagervikno / Ulf Christianssonse / Gospel Sistersdk / VOXfo / Anna Luisa Mýrifo / Heðin Askhamfo / Magni Christiansenfo / Blátt Grasfo / Eyðun Jacobsenfo / Teen Street Worshipfo / Heine Lützenfo / TOSfo / Háskúlakóriðfo / Katrin á Borgfo / Terje B. Vestergaardfo / Tær 4fo